Thankful Thursday~ Advent Edition

Can you believe it is DECEMBER? We are now 19 days until Christmas. December is a fun time to bring to remember to slow down and enjoy this special season.  There are several ways over the years that I have made different calendars or brought different ways to do something daily

For many years, when my kids were younger, I put together an advent calendar like this (see this link for a Christmas Tree template)

I would use small pieces of paper to write out different Christmas activities to do each day

Some of our advent daily activities were…
Decorate the Christmas tree
Sing Christmas Carols
Take Christmas Family picture
Random Act of Kindness- click here for some great ideas! I did this one a few times
Donate food to the food bank
Everyone tell one Christmas joke
Christmas Movie Night- I did this one a couple of times also
Read Christmas books
Bake Christmas treats
Learn about Hanukkah- click here for a great website about Hanukkah 
Make a gift for your teacher
Give cookies and a thank you letter to your mailman
Write a note of appreciation to each family member
Purchase a gift for someone in need
Christmas Trivia game click here for some fun trivia
Make hot chocolate and drive around and look at Christmas lights
Learn about Kwanzaa click here for a great website about Kwanzaa 
Open Christmas PJ’s- we do this on Christmas Eve, so everyone has a new pair of PJ’s for Christmas morning

Random Act of Christmas Kindness Calendar- click here for the link

We did this last year see these past post for details 


This year I am doing:

25 bags in 25 days

This is a challenge to donate 1 bag of items every day leading up to Christmas. It’s a great opportunity to clean out items that are not being used anymore and give them to others who could use them.

Click here for some handy information about donating anything from clothes to cars. 

Here are different organizations that will pick up items right from your house!

Salvation Army


Vietnam Veterans of America 

Some over looked items to donate:  **Click on each item for more information!






Used Christmas Cards

Bras- yep you can donate these!!

Stuffed Animals







What’s a way that you get ready for the Christmas Season? I’d love to hear about it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Faith ♥

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