How to manage stress holistically

Stress is part of our human experience. While we can’t get away from it, we CAN decide how to handle it. We may be in the habit to do things that will make us feel worse- like eating junk food, drinking alcohol, and mindlessly scrolling on social media. But when we take a minute to ask ourselves, what is my mind, body, and spirit needing here, that can be the way to heal and not just put a bandaid on it.


Our thoughts are powerful.

When I am worrying about something, it is usually something that hasn’t happened. But I start imagining it as if it IS happening. I experience real physical symptoms. My heart beats faster, I breathe faster and shallower, I become consumed with this thought, and my stomach starts hurting. Remember, this is all happening from a thought, not from something that has actually happened.

This is the power of our thoughts. If we can create stress in our bodies from thinking negative, we can also create calmness in our bodies with our thoughts.

Where to start?

  • I get a smile on my face
  • I feel lighter
  • I feel happier
  • I breathe deeper
  • I feel more relaxed
  • I feel hopeful and joyful

Try it out. Start imagining something really good happening. Imagine it in detail. What it looks like, the people that are around you, what sounds are happening, what smells are there. What happens to me when I do this, is:

  • Ask yourself- is this thought going to help me or hold me back:
  • Have patience with yourself!
    • It is pretty much impossible to completely change this overnight. If you automatically think of worst-case scenario, it’s probably been going on for a while. It’s an established habit.
  • Allow yourself to also imagine the best-case scenario.
  • Challenge your thought. Is there another way to look at it?
  • How would you talk to a friend who was going through the same thing?


Keep it simple.

Stick to these 3 things to help your body manage stress:

  1. Increase colorful plants in your diet
  2. Move your body every day- try one of these: take a walk, stretch, do yoga, strength train, or try a Tabata
  3. Be aware of your water intake- increase it if needed


Our environment makes a difference.

Creating an intentional environment allows us to deepen our connection and can create calmness.

Think about using all 5 senses to create an environment that is stress relieving.

  • Sight- declutter, art, and wall color.
  • Sound- calming playlist, water feature, or sound machine
  • Scent- diffusing essential oils, candles, or an essential oil roller bottle
  • Touch- blankets, pillows, heating blanket and a comfy seat
  • Taste- Camomile tea, peppermint, or dark chocolate.

This can be done on a small or large scale. Maybe you have a small space at work, think about how to create calmness in your environment there.

Here is an example:

  • Declutter your desk, play calm music (consider using headphones)
  • Have a small bottle of essential oils that you can smell when needed or a roller bottle that you can apply to your wrists and behind your ears
  • Make your seat comfortable (get a different chair, bring a pillow)
  • Have some herbal tea or dark chocolate at your desk

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