How Routines are Good for Your Health

Do you feel overwhelmed? Does life seem to pass you by and leave you feeling like you can never get things done? You will benefit from setting up some routines in your life. We have all heard of routines, but to define it down to its very core is: A set of actions or a single action done regularly or at a specific interval.  Routines are good for your health. How you ask? By taking time to set up routines life is calmer and easier to manage. You can be more present in your life, reduce your stress, allows for time for exercise and planning meals. Routines give you more freedom in your life. Let’s look at some specific ways on how routines are good for your health:


1.Be more efficient:

Routines keep you from being distracted. Once you set up your routine you won’t have to spend time figuring out how you are going to get everything done, or small details and never-ending decisions. Your time can be spent on your priorities.

2.Get better sleep:

If your thoughts keep you up at night or impact your sleep, having routines can help ease this. Routines keep your mind  un-cluttered, which can lead to less worry and anxiety. Those common nightly intrusive thoughts can be eased.  You won’t have to worry- when am I going to work out, what am I going to make for dinner tonight, etc.

3.Be more decisive:

Reducing the number of decisions that you make each day allows for more headspace and reduces decision fatigue. This can lead to being more decisive because you are not in overwhelm from constantly having to make decisions. When you plan all of your dinners at one time you are not having to plan it 7 times.

4.Have less stress:

When you don’t have to wonder about when you will get it all done, stress levels are reduced. Having routines allows you breathing room and allows you to be more present in your life. Constantly having to make choices can increase our heart rate, feel overwhelming and make us grumpy

5.Become healthier:

Setting up routines allows you to fit in your workouts, have time for meditation, allows you to get a walk in, plan meals (less drive though runs. It also feels really good to have systems set up in your life.

6.Be more present in your life:

Clearing the clutter from your mind can lead to more focus and allow you to be present in your conversations, pay attention to what is happening right in front of you, be more mindful in your day to day life.

7.Have time for the activities that you love:

By setting up routines you will find that you have more time. Instead of wondering what you are going to make for dinner and if you have the groceries for whatever you are going to make, when you get off work, go for a walk, meet a friend for coffee or read a book for 30 minutes.

What are common routines?

  1. Morning
  2. Evening
  3. Meal planning
  4. Exercise/Moving your body
  5. Plan the week
  6. Work

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