May 2020 goals wrap up

Welcome back to my weekly goal update!! In the past, I have been great at setting goals but not great at sticking with them. To accomplish my goals, since I am an Obliger, I work best with outside accountability (read The Four Tendencies for more information on that).I shared about how I was going to start tracking my monthly goals- click here to see the original post.  The past 2 months, I have been making monthly goals and then updates each week. This helps keep me on track & holds me accountable. Each week find my monthly goal update here on the blog. See my original post on  my May goals (click here to see that post), here is an update on how those are going!

May’s Goals:

1. Finish 3 books
2. Outside Projects
  • Finish chicken coop- mostly finished
  • I am so happy to report that our chickens are now living in their coop and seem to be really happy and loving it. It’s crazy that someone (me), can get so attached to these girls, but I have.  Seeing them in their coop all snuggled up just makes me so happy! I don’t know what I will do when they lay their first egg! I’m sure it will involve crying….
    • Left to do:
      • Paint
      • It needs another coat of paint. It turned out much more neon than we were going for. Our hope was barn red, so we changed the pain a little and will have to do another coat or two, but it has been so rainy, it’s kind of been raining on our parade…
      • Chicken wire
      • Door
      • More of a permanent fence around the area
      • Tin roof
      • Nesting box placement
      • Perch
  • Finish Hoop House FINISHED!
  • In the hoop house we planted spaghetti squash in one and in the other 3 different types of tomatoes.
    • Attach plastic
    • Add zipper
    • Plant seedlings
3.  Inside Project
  • Laundry RoomFINISHED
    • organize files
    • clean out closet
    • organize storage room
    • change filters
    • clean off the ping pong table
    • figure out what to do with the water softer
    • finish threshold
  • Aquaponics System- Lots of progress made!
  • My husband has done a ton of research on this
  • Build your system- almost finished!
    • Decide on Design– we went with flood and drain option
    • Decide on what type of fish– we are using koi, because they are tough & cool looking
    • Pick a grow media- we decided on clay, because it’s light and pH neutral
    • Pick the size & what to use for tank and grow bed– we decided on stock tanks- needs to be able to handle weight/stress
    • Plan configuration-build platform/shelf to allow system to be mobile, maintain and allow tank and bed to be easy to access for cleaning/maintenance
    • Figure out what pump you will need– this is based on the size of system and configuration
    • Figure out the drainage system-(timer or siphon) we are using a siphon
    • Plumb system- in progress
    • Add water- can run system to dechlorinate or filter, check for leaks and that drain works properly
    • Add grow media/plants and begin cycling- establishes the bacteria that will help filter the fish waste and make it into plant food- in process
    • Add fish– we added 20 Koi fish
    • This is the whole system- the bottom, larger tank will have the fish in it and the top one will have the plants
    • The plants will grow in these clay pellets
    • Our plan is to grow lettuce and spinach to start
4. Creative/Crafty Project
  • Gray Wash Initial Wood Plaque-NOT STARTED
  • I searched Michaels craft store website & found a this fun project!
  • Puzzle- in progress

This weeks favorites:

Podcasts I am listening to the last week of May~ 

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown– Brene is amazing, if you haven’t heard of her- get all of her books, listen to anything she does. Love her!! This week I listened to her interview with Harriet Lerner- I’m sorry: How to Apologize and Why it Matters, Part 2 of 2

RISE podcast- by Rachel Hollis Episode 147: What I’m doing to control my mindset during quarantine.

RISE podcast- by Rachel Hollis Episode 148: Finding and loving your best self with Chris Chandler

Shows I am currently watching:

Grace and Frankie– this show is hilarious, oh my gosh!!! I am in season 4 and love it! I had this on one evening, as I was working on organizing my files & it made time really fly by!!

Schitt’s Creek- we finished the whole show! This is such a good show & I highly recommend it.

Links to my favorite goal planning tools:

Erin Condren Life Planner- click here for a $10 off coupon once you make an account

She has lots of different options of planners, it is an organizing lovers dream site!!

Each month has a goals page- which I LOVE- it’s a great place to prepare for the upcoming month!

Pilot Precise pens- link to similar ones

The Four Tendencies (click here for the link to purchase)– this book really helped me recognize the way that I am naturally motivated. Then it gave me practical ways to use it to my benefit. (It also helps on working with others in your life who have different tendencies)

Thanks for stopping by!

Faith ♥

***Some of the links in my posts contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. I pinky promise I will always give my honest opinion of any product and would never recommend something if I did not use it and love it!!

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