20 Practical ways to get more movement into your day

Did you know that 50% of adults do not get enough physical activity? This isn’t super surprising because sedentary jobs have increased by 83%. This means we have the majority of people in the United States sitting for more than 8 hours a day!! But the solution is way easier than you might think. We just need move our bodies more, and this is much simpler than you might think! You don’t have to have a gym membership or hours a day to be more active. Here are 20 practical ways to get more movement into your day.

20 Practical ways to get more movement into your day:

  1. Park further away at work or other places
  2. Take a walk every day, or several shorter walks
  3. While watching TV, do some time of movement at every commercial, or set a timer for every 10 minutes
    • jumping jacks, calf raises, squats, lunges are some options that work for me
  4. Walk around while talking on the phone
    • at home or at work
  5. Take the stairs
  6. Use a fitness tracker
  7. Do calf raises while you brush your teeth
  8. Walk or bike to work instead of driving
  9. Do a walking meeting
  10. Yoga stretches before bed
  11. Go on active dates
    • Frisbee golf
    • Bowling
    • Walk or hike at a park or lake
    • Go for a bike ride together
    • Do some indoor rock wall climbing together
    • Try this 15-minute partner yoga session!
  12. Take a mindful walk
  13. While cooking- do some kind of movement while you are waiting for things
    • Squats, lunges, calf raises, standing pushup work well for me in the kitchen
  14. Break movement in through the day-
    • if you don’t have 30 minutes available, break it up into 3,  10 minute sessions
  15. While waiting for your coffee to brew- do a movement like lunges or squats
  16. Don’t check social media sitting down- walk around the house or ride a stationary bike.
  17. Set a timer for every hour on the hour to stand up and do some kind of movement or stretch
  18. When you wake up pick a few movements to start your day
    • yoga stretches like downward dog, child’s post, cat-cow: see this article on healthline.com for more examples
  19. Sit on a stability ball or get a standing desk at work
  20. Take your dog for a daily walk


Is there anything you would add to these 20 practical ways to get more movement into your day? I would love to hear your ideas!!

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