May’s top picks

Here are 10 things that I really enjoyed in May. I hope you find something on my list that brings you joy too! I hope you enjoy May’s top picks!

May’s top picks:

  1. Books

  2. Podcasts I listened to:

  3. Shows

    • Community
    • Firefly Lane
    • Grey’s Anatomy
  4. Bella Grace Magazine

    • This magazine is like no other! There are no ads, the pages are beautiful, personal stories, lists and ideas for each season, I just can’t say enough about it! My mom got me a subscription for Christmas last year, but before that I was getting them at Barnes and Noble. 

5.  Workouts

        1. Murph- we do this workout every Memorial Day
        2. We are really enjoying putting together our own programing
        3. Getting in at least 8000 steps a day
          • Take short walks a couple times a day
          • Walking after dinner
          • Park in a parking spot that is farther away
          • Take the stairs
        4. Foam Roller
          • My goal is to use my foam roller every day! It helps so much with muscle soreness and recovery

6. Budgeting

    • Using Every Dollar Matters- it is an app from Dave Ramsey
    • Having a weekly budget meeting- this has helped us stay on track so much! 
    • Each week we sit down, go through our spending from the week, including credit cards. Pay off the balance of any credit card spending, put everything into a category. 
    • By doing this we have found subscriptions that we were paying for and not using, it allowed us to get real about what we were spending money on, and it makes us think before we spend (we know we will have to “fess up” each week). 

7. My Record Player

Record player- Favorite things

There is just something about listening to a record that gives music a different feel! It has also been really fun to collect records of my favorite artists from back in the day to current. 

8. Diffuser for Essential oils

    • I use Young Living essential oils and LOVE them and their diffusers- interested in trying them out? Let me know!

9. My new jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle favorite things

Something about a puzzle out on the table that encourages gathering. I love that when people stop by they are drawn to my puzzle! It makes my home even more cozy. 

10. Hot Tea:

  • I have been trying to cut back on the amount of coffee I drink to 1 cup a day and am switching to decaf tea for the rest of the day. Some of my favorites that I have tried are- 


I hope you enjoyed May’s top picks- I would love to hear your favorites! Email me at, comment below or contact me on social media! 

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