Fitness plan~ plus a month of workouts

Having a fitness plan, helps keep me balanced and aligned. Everyone’s fitness journey is personal and looks different. Unfortunately fitness and working out can all tie into body image issues, how much do you weigh, and other things that can be negative for people. It’s easy to get them mixed up! When I think about what it means to have be healthy and fit- it’s a lot more than what my body looks like or what the scale says.

Fitness, is about moving my body in ways that make me feel good and eating things that nourish me. It’s also finding out how to balance movement and rest, making sure I eat my vegetables, but also not being afraid to have dessert. There have been times in my life, and still are- that this balance gets out of wack, and one side or the other becomes more prominent. Being able to give myself grace when I am at either end, and coming back to what is important, helps restore the balance. So if you are new to working out, or even if you have been working out for a long time, I find that it is good to stop and reflect on what working out means to you and what you want to accomplish. See my fitness plan printable below to help get you started!  ***Any thing I talk about regarding fitness and nutrition, comes from my own personal experience, please consult with a doctor or professional before starting an exercise or nutrition routine!

Fitness plan and goals

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Using my fitness plan printable fill in these questions:

1. Fitness means that I….
  • this is the time to define what fitness means to you
  • Mine is: Fitness means that I am strong and healthy.
2. Being fit is important to me because…
  • What is your why for working out?
    • Maybe you had a physical and aren’t where you want to be with blood sugar or cholesterol
    • Maybe you are sick of feeling tired and like you can’t keep up
    • Mine is: Being fit is important to me because I want to be healthy and stay that my whole life.
3. My fitness goal is to be able to
  • This could be something like- run a 5K or half marathon, lifting a certain weight, being able to run around with your child or grandchildren. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish- define it here!
4. Favorite ways to move my body
  • Really get creative and think about things that you enjoy doing
  • You don’t have to go to the gym or lift weights to be fit
  • Walking, riding a bike, yoga, pilates, HIIT class, cycling, running, Taekwando,

5. Make a plan:

  • Making big plans can feel really exciting, but if you aren’t able to keep them up, it can end up being really discouraging and could lead to quitting all together.
  • Start with where you are and give yourself grace! If you don’t have a fitness plan right now, start with something simple, like walking around the block once a day and then build up from there!
  • I remember when I couldn’t run a lap around the track at the gym. It really frustrated me, and that frustration became motivation. Pretty soon I was running a lap and then walking a lap, then running 2 laps and then walking a lap. Guess what? I went on to run 3 half marathons- running the entire way! It was something I couldn’t even imagine before, but I worked up to it by starting small.
  • Write out- how many days a week do you want to workout, and for how many minutes
  • Then put it on your calendar!

Here is how I accomplished my fitness plan during the month of June:

Week of June 1-7, 2021

6/1 Tuesday:

  • Rest day

6/2 Wednesday:

  • Partner Workout
  • 1500 meter row
  • 50 thrusters
  • 1000 meter row
  • 40 thrusters
  • 500 meter row
  • 30 thrusters
  • 500 meter row
  • 20 thusters

6/3 Thursday:

  • 12 min AMRAP
  • 20 Dumbell cleans
  • 20 leg raises

6/4 Friday:

  • rest day

6/5 Saturday:

  • rest day

6/6 Sunday:

  • 8 rounds
  • 30 seconds on/off
  • push-ups
  • ring rows
  • row

Week of June 7-13, 2021

6/7 Monday:

  • 12 min AMRAP
    • 2 Barbell complex
    • 6 front squat
    • 6 push press
    • 6 thrusters
  • 12 burpees

6/8 Tuesday:

  • 100/60 calorie bike
  • 50 jumping jacks every 20/15 calories
  • 3 min rest
  • 10/60 calorie row
  • 20 burpees ever 20/15  calories

6/9 Wednesday:

  • 4 rounds EMOM
    • Min 1 12 Deadlift + max leg raise
    • min 2 rest
    • min 3 12 box steps + max kettlebell swings
    • min 4 rest

6/10 Thursday:

  • rest

6/11 Friday:

  • 4 rounds
    • 500/400 meter row
    • 25 wall balls

6/12 Saturday:

  • Orentiering race

6/13 Sunday:

  • 75 devil’s press
  • 15 min cap

Week of June 14-20, 2021

6/14 Monday:

  • 8 rounds
    • Alternating 200 meter row/0.4 meter bike
    • 2 rounds of Cindy
      • 5 pull-ups
      • 10 push-ups
      • 15 squats
    • Rest 60 seconds

6/15 Tuesday:

  • 16 minute EMOM
    • Minute 1 Row
    • Minute 2 Penguins
    • Minute 3 Bike
    • Minute 4 Knees-to-elbow

6/16 Wednesday:

  • Rest day

6/17 Thursday:

  • 15 minute AMRAP
    • 1 Devils press
    • 2 Dumbbell front rack lunges
    • 3 Dumbbell Push press
    • 4 Dumbbell Bent over row
    • 50 jumping jacks

6/18 Friday:

  • rest day

6/19 Saturday:

  • Rest Day

6/20 Sunday:

  • Shannon Kent Hero WOD modified
    • 40 minute AMRAP
    • teams of 2
      • 35 burpees
      • 35 hang cleans
      • 35 leg raises
      • 35 wall balls
      • 116 calorie bike

Week of June 21-27, 2021

6/21 Monday:

  • 10 minute EMOM
    • 3 Deadlift
  • 21-15-9
    • Dumbbell alternating snatch
    • Burpee over dumbell

6/22 Tuesday:

  • Stand up paddle  board

6/23 Wednesday:

  • EMOM 3 rounds
    • Flutter kick
    • Burpees
    • Sit-ups
    • Reverse lunge
    • Push-ups
    • Kettlebell swings

6/24 Thursday:

  • 16 minute EMOM
    • Bike
    • Row

6/25 Friday:

  • 3 rounds
    • Partner A
      • Bike 25/15 calorie
    • Partner B
      • Pull-up 15/12
      • 20 Kettle bell swing
      • Rest until partner A finishes

6/26 Saturday:

  • 3 mile walk

6/27 Sunday:

  • 3 mile walk

Week of June 28-30, 2021

6/28 Monday:

  • Dead man walking
    • 5 rounds for time
      • 250 meter row
      • 20 sit-ups
      • 20 push-ups
      • 20 lunges

6/29 Tuesday:

  • Part 1
    • 500 meter/350 meter row
    • 30 dumbell cleans
    • 20 hand-release pushups
    • 10 leg raises
  • Part 2
    • 40/20 calorie bike
    • 30 squats
    • 20 shoulder taps
    • 10 split squats per side
  • Part 3
    • 100 single under jumpropes
    • 30 lunges
    • 20 bent over dumbbell rows
    • 10 pause at the bottom- goblet squats

6/30 Wednesday:

  • 4 rounds
    • 1 minute bike
    • 1 minute row
    • 2 minute stretch/roll

Each day I try to:

  • Get in 8,000 steps a day
  • Use the foam roller and do some stretching

I hope you enjoyed learning about using a fitness plan! Want some more fitness blog posts? Check out:  My top 5 fitness tips and What to do when you when you are ready to start working out.  Remember****Any thing I talk about regarding fitness and nutrition, comes from my own personal experience, please consult with a doctor or professional before starting an exercise or nutrition routine!

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