Weekly Menu 9/18/17

Happy Monday! It feels like fall to start the week, so that’s super fun! I even got to wear boots with some jeans and long sleeves which is my favorite!!! It looks like it is supposed to be back up to high 80’s/low 90’s by the end of the week, so I will enjoy it while I can 🙂  For my weekly menu, I am going to have to use my crockpot several times this week. I am so glad to have one though because some nights if I didn’t, we would probably be going through the drive through! So it helps save time & money & helps us to eat a healthier options! Here are some more details about my crockpot! 


Breakfast for dinner! Waffles, Cheesy Eggs, Bacon with Sweet Potato hash

My waffle recipe for this night are pumpkin & paleo. I will make up  some extra ones to freeze for breakfasts. For great paleo recipes you have to follow Paleomg– she is first of all hilarious, secondly when I was strict paleo for over a year, she was my life line to come up with fun and yummy recipes!! I still use her recipes multiple times a week. She has 2 cookbooks which are both amazing! She also posts some great workouts & fashion advice!


Tacos served with tortillas or cauliflower rice


Pork Shoulder in crockpot I use this recipe from The Pioneer Woman, but adapt it to go in the crockpot 🙂


Chili- from last week. I made an extra batch and froze it! Some great left over ideas with chili- Chili nachos, Chili over a sweet potato or rice, Chili with scrambled eggs, it could even be used as taco filling!!


Out to eat


Peanut Butter Chicken- I posted the recipe last week and we didn’t get the chance to make it, so it is on for this week!


BLEATS BLT adding egg and avocado!

A tool that comes in handy when prepping meals is  this hands free baggy holderIf you remember from last week when I made Chili & I made an extra batch. I used this and it made it super easy to put into freezer bags (If you are going to freeze meals, make sure that you use the baggies that are made for the freezer- this helps protect from frosting & keeps food fresher). I will use it this week on Thursday for a quick meal!

What is on your weekly menu? If you need some more ideas- hop on over to Organizing Junkie !

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