Real Life, Real Fitness 2/21/20

Spring is getting close! It’s so exciting to have some warmer sunshine days sprinkled throughout this cold & snowy winter. Who else is ready for Spring? Spring also means more opportunities to take fitness outside! Running or walking on the trails and riding my bike more are things on my warmer weather workout list! If you are needing motivation on getting into a workout routine, I strongly suggest putting together an overall morning  routine. See my post here on my morning routine. If you are looking to make a change in your life to become a healthier YOU, see my previous post here on how I went through that exact journey!

The 12 Minute EMOM for the week is…

EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute

3 movements (so they are each done 4 times)

  • Air squats
  • Tricep dips
  • Plank hold

The EMOM looks like this…

  1. Minute 1 Air squats
  2. Minute 2 Tricep dips
  3. Minute 3 Plank hold

Then repeat x4 (12 minutes)

Currently my workouts look like this:

    • 4 day/week program~ 40 minute workout each day that is split up into 1/3 lifting with weights, 1/3 cardio, & 1/3 abs
      • I am Beachbody coach and absolutely LOVE the workout programs they offer (if you are interested in signing up to do Beach Body- I would LOVE to help you in that journey! My coach id is 2037855, but just email me and I can send you all the details! My email is (or message me on any of my social media sites)
      • I do not personally use their supplements, only because I have a couple supplements that I have used and trusted for years. If you have any questions about that please ask!
    • 1 day a week I do a 12 minute EMOM workout
      • These are workouts that I have put together and use Crossfit style movements
    • On the 2 “rest days” I add a stretching routine and extra foam roller time.
    • When time/weather allows I walk/jog 1 mile a day
    • Pilates class that I do most weeks (this would take place of a “rest day”)

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