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Happy Weekend!  Do you need a fun and quick workout? Well I am going to share one with you today, along with how making fitness and nutrition part of my routine has benefited my life in such a huge way. Nutrition and fitness are such a big part of my life, that it has to be part of my blog too! I mean in the title of my blog it says real life!! In being true to being real, I wanted to share with you my journey with fitness and nutrition, because- it isn’t always easy, or perfect. There have been some times in my life that I have been in really bad shape- physically and emotionally. That’s real, probably for everyone. I am certainly no different!

Like most women, life has led me on an interesting fitness and nutrition journey. I was a dancer through my childhood and teenage years, but really, I didn’t think much about fitness or nutrition. Then came pregnancy… In my first pregnancy, with the help of eating a lot (I was eating for two for goodness sakes!) and being on partial bed rest, by the time my daughter was born, the scale tipped over the 200-pound mark. Ugh, I couldn’t even fathom it. I was in such denial that I thought I would just “go back to normal” after I delivered. Well that sure didn’t happen!

At the time, my knowledge on losing weight, was typical of what women are “taught “-cut calories and do lots of cardio. So that’s what I did. Luckily my husband was introduced to Max Muscle shortly after our second child was born. As I was training for my first half marathon, I was really struggling with endurance, getting really light-headed and just not feeling well (thanks to the super low calorie diet I was on). He had to force me to drink a protein shake every day. Slowly over the years the BS I was taught my whole life about what makes a woman healthy, was erased and I found REAL ways to actually fuel my body.

Life is busy- between being a mom of 2 busy teenagers, a wife, working, volunteering, & just life in general- it is easy for my time for myself to get cut out. There is nothing like having that specific hour to dedicate to the gym, but that isn’t always practical. So what’s a girl to do? We got to get creative sometimes! The most important thing I have learned over the years, is when I take care of myself, it benefits my kids, husband, and everyone else in my life that I love! It helps me be better at taking care of others. Which is my favorite thing to do!

So as part of my blog,  I would like to share with you a weekly workout that you can do without being at the gym. and with little equipment!  As with any workout please know, I am not a professional and am sharing with you something that works for me. Please check out your specific needs before doing anything- consult a doctor, or a qualified person and make sure you are being safe!

****If you do not know what some of these movements are, youtube videos are great! There are always scaling options for every movement too. if you have questions, feel free to ask me and I can help or lead you in the right direction to find the answer.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Faith ♥

***Some of the links in my posts contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. I pinky promise I will always give my honest opinion of any product and would never recommend something if I did not use it and love it!!

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