How a simple evening routine can reduce anxiety

If you are ready to stop having mornings that feel crazy, rushed, and like you don’t have a second to breathe- I have a solution for you! Try out an evening routine!

Why does this help?

  • It gives you time and space to decompress from the day
  • Many people find that they
  • sleep better when they have had time to transition from a busy day
  • When you give yourself time and space to plan for the next day, you can start the day feeling more prepared

Below are my favorite things to do in mine, I would love to hear your favorite suggestion below or something that you already do. Email me back at and let me know!


  • Review your calendar for the next day & make a to-do list
  • Pick out your outfit
  • Pack your lunch/snacks
  • Get your coffee ready and program your coffee maker
  • Have an analog evening (put away electronics and grab a book, crossword puzzle or jigsaw puzzle)
  • Check in with yourself or your spouse/partner

(FREE printable below with the questions my hubby and I have been using for our evening check-in. We set an alarm for 8:15pm every night & it has been such a great way to end the day)


  • Do some light yoga/stretching
  • Go to bed on time
  • Have chamomile tea
  • Take a hot bath or shower & moisturize your skin
  • Put on comfy pj’s


  • Do a bedtime meditation
  • Gratitude journal- name 3 specific things that you are thankful for that happened today
  • Listen to a calming playlist
  • Box breathing
  • Diffuse a relaxing essential oil

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